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Devon Women | Women's Tour 2 | London Calling

Posted on June 30, 2015 at 4:00 PM

20-21st June 2015


The Team:


Jess Taylor, Hannah Stanton, Lauren Yeo, Abi Cox (C), Sophie Leonard, Becky Severn, Melanie Melrose, Fran Dathan (C), Molly Arnett, Cat Pope, Hannah Wilce, Amy Chan, Hannah Bullock, Lucy Ashford, Fliss Mann, [Ellie Wizard, Lottie Paul - not pictured]


A late start for the Devon Women’s team on the Saturday of Tour 2 meant that the ladies had plenty of time to get to the venue, watch some of the good-looking Devon boys play a game or two and warm up before their first match of the weekend against All Things Brighton Beautiful (ATBB). With ATBB seeded below Devon, we were confident we could put in an early victory and start the tournament on a high. It took a few points for the team to get into the swing of things but thankfully we avoided complacency and took the game 12 – 9. Special mention to Cat Pope’s stall out (a turnover that ultimately won Devon that point), and to Lottie’s “pretty sick grab” if she dares say so herself.


First game in the bag, it was time to face LLLeeds, a formidable team with a great reputation and seeded 7 places above us. Although the athletic and drilled Leeds squad stole the game from the off, winning the half 8-0, the Devon ladies endeavoured to give their best and put 4 lovely points on the board in the second half. Special mention to Fliss Mann, Jess Taylor, Mel Melrose, Sophie Leonard, Hannah Stanton and Abi Cox for either assisting or scoring points in such a hard match. Final score 15 – 4 to LLLeeds. At this point the heavens opened.


 After a short break, we had a crossover against Phoenix to play in torrential rain and lighting. Both teams soaked to the bone, the pitch alight with flashes of lightning – this had to be one of the most epic games of Ultimate I’ve ever played. First point, Fliss Mann comes out of nowhere for a layout Callahan. The rain continued to beat down, we were practically playing water polo with a Frisbee. But this did not stop the Devon women. Epically, we put in point after point. A stunning grab by Cat Pope - who flew through the air put us 1 point away from the win (We expected this though, as she did play GB). This was shortly followed by a greatest by Abi Cox to Ellie Wizard to win the game 15 – 0….. Unfortunately, none of this actually happened. All last games were cancelled due to the lightning and Devon won the Phoenix game by default as the higher seed.


Eat… Sleep… Etc…


The team were up nice and early for a first game start Sunday morning against Vurve. Proving to be another tough game for the Devon ladies, Vurve came out hard and strong. Although we fought bravely, Vurve had the upper hand throughout. We felt perhaps they were slightly under seeded as they too had not played a game the day before due to the weather; however, this aside, the well-drilled offensive and tough defence of Vurve defeated Devon 12 – 5. Special mention to Becky Severn, Lauren Yeo, Hannah Bullock and Molly Arnett who showed super determination and positivity throughout such a tough game to play in.


The second game of the day was to be against Manchester. North vs South, a healthy rivalry that’s existed over the past women’s tournaments. Usually taking it in turns to win, Devon vs Manchester always proves to be a fun and hard fought game from both sides and this game was exactly that. Although we played very well and bought out some lovely offensive structure and breaks, Manchester were on form and took the game 14 – 7. Special mention to Amy Chan, Lucretia Ashford and Hannah Wilce for all round awesomeness on both offence and defence for the whole game.


The last game of the weekend was against Lemmings on the furthest away pitch possible. After a nice rest and long hike to the pitch, we warmed up and were determined to end the weekend with a win. What started off with both sides trading the lead for a bit, and after some very long points, attempts to break through the Lemmings’ Zone Defence began to pay off. Beautiful disk skills and perseverance of defence won the game for Devon 9 – 7. Special mention to Fran Dathan for a cracking Callahan…. #CallaFRAN.

Final Position: 19th

MIP: Fliss Mann

MTP: Fran Dathan


Written By Jess Taylor #21


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