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Devon Women | Women's Tour 3 | Cardiff

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 6:05 PM

4th-5th July 2015

Day 1 : By Hannah Bullock

A small but perfectly formed team of nine of us met up on Saturday morning in the sweltering heat to try and defend our 14th seeding.

First up was Guildford (seeded 17), who we were relieved to see only had 8 players. After an early lead to them (3:1), we managed to turn the tables, taking it to 4:4, thanks to some lovely swing cuts from the team. Our opponents mixed it up, trying an interesting looking ISO and a rather holey zone, but we ceded no more points to them, taking the game at 13:4 It was only into minute 90 that we realised the hooter couldn’t be heard on these pitches at the arse end of the grounds – but it only helped us prove an even more decisive victory.

After a carb-fuelled pit-stop and a chance to watch our boys defeat Curve 2, we took on Phoenix – seeded much lower than they should have been, at 16. Again, we luckily weren’t playing against an army, with just 11 of them. But 11 very experienced players, of course. While we didn’t let them have their first pass, thanks to a run-through D, they nevertheless made their mark on the game by taking the first three points. We gave them a scare at 4:2, but they took the half at 8:2, going on to 15:4. The game was brilliantly spirited, with a lot of banter on the pitch, which made their win all the more deserved. The girls said we gave them a run for their money and urged us to really go for those long hucks that we have well within our capability.

Our final game of the day was against our arch enemies Manchester (the second team, this time). By now our tiny team of Devon ladies had really gelled and we knew exactly which passes to make to each other, so we went in confidently. M2 appeared to be a well-oiled machine at the start, as we traded points, them scoring through clever handling skills and sneaky breaks. But we soon realised they were relying on their handlers far too much, and used forceful D to shut them down – allowing us to pull away to 5:3. Despite old war wounds starting to show (rickety knees on the holey pitches), and a “half” that lasted almost the whole game in the oppressive heat, we pulled out our long throws (thanks for the hint, Phoenix!) and took the half 8:4, finally capping it all off at 10:5.

Day 2 – By Jess Taylor

We faced Dragon Knights for the first game on Sunday. As the team gathered for a warm up, there was a sense of unbelievable relief as we gained players who were unable to play Saturday, boosting our squad size to 12! It would be a tough game for Devon, but thankfully Jo Lewis was playing for the other team.

An early lead for Dragon Knights put them a good few points ahead. Although we tried our best to keep our heads high and play the best Ultimate we could, the smooth offence and athleticism of the opposition unfortunately took the game by storm. Final score 15:6 to Dragon Knights.

After a short break, we were all set to face Nice Bristols 2. We were keen to play this match as we thought it would be well within our reach to come out hard and get a win. As 7 went to line up for the first point, a crash of lightning was seen across the fields and all games were stopped!

As every team at tour 2 gathered at the club house, we waited anxiously for instruction. Being seeded lower than Nice Bristols 2, it would have been a massive shame for the game to be cancelled and for us to simply keep our current position.

The Devon team moved into one of the women’s changing rooms accompanied by honorary ladies Chris A-G and Hector – we waited patiently. Though things got a little out of hand when Sleonard received quite a large bruise to the rear-end (pics to follow).

The wait was finally over, and we were happy to hear that the game would still go ahead – so we set off to the pitch. By pulling out a zone we took a cheeky 4-0 lead which put us in a great position for the rest of the game. Though the opposition played very well, with some lovely handler resets – Our Devon squad did what we do best and picked up ourselves up after the loss from the previous game and bought everything to the table winning the match 12:5. It was a very well-spirited match, and the Devon ladies should be proud of their slick offence and determined defence.

Another short break later, we warmed up for our final game at Tour against our northern rivals, and frequent competitors, Manchester 1. Having played their second team the day before, we knew it was going to be a hard game. Credit to Manchester for coming out hard and getting a steady early lead. We tried to get some flow going but the well-drilled Manchester squad had the edge on us for the majority of the game. Feeling a bit flat, the Devon ladies tried to push through but unfortunately to no avail. Final score 13:4 to Manchester.

Final Standing: 14th

Spirit standing for tour 3: 6th

I want to quickly say a massive thank you to everyone who made the 2nd year Devon Women’s at Tour possible – all those who organised/coached/came to training and of course came out to play in that sexy Devon kit looking as fine as ever.

This season has been great – so let’s get enough people to SEND A TEAM TO NATIONALS! Come on Ladies

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