Devon Ultimate



  1. I can't make all the sessions, can I still attend?

    Yes, get in touch and we will see what we can do. If you just want to turn up and play it's just £2.

  2. What do I need to bring?

    Sports kit; a pair of football boots  if you have them, water, a snack and some energy!

  3. What does £10 get me?

    8 instructed sessions of Ultimate Frisbee and a free Ultrastar Ultimate Frisbee disc (retailed at £10-£12).

  4. How can I continue with Ultimate after these sessions?

    There are a number of local clubs with which you can involve yourself, including Devon Ultimate and Second Wind, as well as a number of University clubs across the South West. We can also provide support in helping you set up a new club or team or finding a new team elsewhere in the country!

  5. Where else can I find information about Ultimate?

    Just type ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ into Google and let the internet provide you with  a wealth of information, but if you want the official information:

    UKU (UK Ultimate Governing Body)

    WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation)

    The Show Game (Media coverage of Ultimate in the UK)

  6. Where can I buy an official 175g disc from?

    You can buy a Club disc for £10 from our webstore or search online using the phrase: ‘Discraft Ultra-Star 175g Ultimate Disc’.

  7. What are the basic rules of Ultimate?

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