Devon Ultimate


The Hall of Fame list those players who have played for Devon and done exceptionally well either for the Club or since leaving.

Dave Pichler

These days seen as the forward thinking creator of Ka-Pow Ultimate and smooth talking co-commentator of the 2014 Open Final. Dave was one of the original Tenacious Devon players. Being over 6'2" tall and with a huge leap Dave was always an asset on O and D. But his rising star was taken under the wing of Chevron player Rob Mitchell and Dave 'Pretty Boy' Pichler only played the inaugural season for Devon before being picked to play for Chevron Action Flash. He has gone on to represent Great Britain, winning EUC 2007, competing at the World Games 2009 in Taiwan and has won the UKU Open Tour and Open Nationals with Clapham. After leaving Clapham, David has set up a new London based team, Ka-Pow, helping to establish them as a regular top 8 team in the UK Open Tour and winning Spirit of the Game at EXUFC in 2013.

Ellie Hand

Born and raised in Devon, Ellie started playing ultimate at Durham University from 2006 and started playing for Devon on her return to the Promised Land in 2009. She only played one season for Devon before moving up to the big smoke and started playing for Iceni in 2010, winning Tour and National titles. Ellie has also represented Great Britain in the Women’s division. Ellie now resides in Vancouver, Canada, plays for Traffic and attended WUCC in Lecco, Italy in 2014.

Frank Fellone

Frank only started playing ultimate when he joined Plymouth University in 2002. He was one of the original Tenacious Devon players and continued to play for the club until he finished his degree in Surf Science. During his time with Devon, Frank represented the USA team at the first World Beach Championships in Portugal in 2004 where he came a away with a gold medal. Frank also went on to win a bronze medal with Slow White in the Mixed Division of WUCC 2006 in Perth Australia.


Isabella Burke

One of the original Airbadgers. Izzy started playing ultimate aged 11 at St. Peters School in Exeter, went on to play at Bristol University and then on to represent Bristol Plastic Factory at WUCC 2006 in Perth, Australia. In 2007 she represented Great Britain in the mixed division at EUC in Southampton picking up a gold medal in the process.  From 2009 to 2013 Izzy was the only female player playing in the A Tour in the UK and was top scorer for the Devon team at Open Nationals in 2013. As well as representing Devon in 2013 she represented Great Britain at the World Games in Columbia. At the start of the 2013/14 season she helped set up the first Devon women’s team and coached them to compete in the women’s tour for 2014. For 2014 Izzy took the opportunity to play for London based women’s team Iceni, going to compete at WUCC 2014 in Lecco, Italy and also winning Women’s Tour 2014 and Women’s Nationals 2014.

Ollie Gordon

Ollie joined the Devon ranks after learning to play Ultimate just up the M5 in Glastonbury and spent 4 years representing Devon while studying at Exeter University. Since leaving Ollie went on to play for Chevron Action Flash and now Clapham Ultimate, winning the UKU Open Tour and UKU Open Nationals. Ollie was also the only European player on the NexGen Tour that took place in 2011 where he played against the top American and Canadian teams. He has represented Great Britain at Under 20's, as well as at the World Games in Columbia in 2013.

Philip Johnson

Curly Sue started playing Ultimate whilst at Plymouth University in 2002 and started playing for Devon in 2005. He played a few seasons for Devon before leaving for London in 2008 and has since been playing for Clapham Ultimate, winning 5 UKU Tour and UKU National titles and as 3 European Championships. Phil represented Great Britain in the Mixed division in WUC in 2012 in Japan and was also crowned the Fastest Man on Sand 3 years running.

Simon Smiley

A graduate of the St. Peters School "Airbadgers" team. Smiley started to represent Devon in 2004 while still only aged 15 and he went on to represent Great Britain Under 20’s. Aged 18, he left the green lands of Devon for the University of Warwick; starting first team for all of his years, winning Student Nationals there, becoming part of the EMO team and in his final year he achieved a place in the Great Britain Under 23’s squad for the first ever World Under 23 Championship. After a short spell with Clapham Ultimate, in which he won the UKU Tour and UKU Nationals, he returned to play for Devon before a move to the big smoke and winning gold at xEUCF with Bear Cavalry in the mixed division. Smiley now resides in Melbourne and represented Melbourne (insert team name here) at the 2014 WUCC in Lecco Italy.